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Who we are

Kadenza Women’s Choir, based in Horwich, Lancashire, started its life with a small group of women who loved to sing. We first got together in 2005, in Moira’s kitchen to form an acapella women’s choir. Since the early days with a handful of members, the choir has grown, and now has around 30 members.
Our members include women of all ages, retired as well as working women, some with disabilities and from diverse and varied backgrounds. We are open and inclusive to all. Many ladies in the choir had never sung with a group prior to joining. We do not hold auditions for members. Many of our members live in the Horwich and Bolton locality, but we also have members from Manchester and Blackburn areas.

We aim to encourage enjoyment , pleasure and well-being to our members through singing, and also to foster a sense of community and to bring live music to those who may not have the opportunity to attend live music performances. We sing about social issues and women’s issues both locally and globally.

What we do

We give several performances every year, both at a local level and also nationally when we take part in the National Street Choirs Festival. In our local area we sing at charitable events, and raise money for nominated charities through our own concerts. We believe that music unites people, it is a truly universal language !

Have a look at our Gallery page of photos, this details the type of events we have performed at.

Our music

“Eclectic” would be the best description of the songs we sing - folk songs from Britain and around the world (often in foreign languages !); radical and protest songs, environmental and feminist songs, pop songs, jazz classics and some original compositions.
See the Music page for examples of some of our repertoire.

Our leader - Moira Hill

“I love singing and want to share the pleasure of singing with others. I am a member of the Natural Voice Network which believes that singing is everyone’s birthright and I am committed to teaching styles that are accepting and inclusive of all, regardless of musical experience and ability. I use gentle exercise and warm-ups at the start of each rehearsal and performance to ensure that the voice is not strained but gently strengthened and stretched, ready to sing.”

Kadenza Women’s Choir is available for events, especially local charitable functions . If you would like to book us for an event, please see our contact page for details.